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Edirne Tour

Incredible Edirne  Full Day Exursion From Istanbul
Edirne was the capital of the Ottoman Empire prior to the conquest of Istanbul and is famous for its mosques, the elegant domes and minarets, where as Selimiye is the most important monument in this historic city. The complex built in the historic centre of Edirne comprises, two madrasas, a primary school and a covered bazaar besides this magnificient mosque. Carrying the name of the then reigning the Sultan Selim II, the Mosque was built in the 16th century and now the Selimiye Mosque is in the tentative list of Unesco World Herritage since 2000. Another most important monument in the city is Beyazit Külliyesi which was famous for its medical centre and its skillful surgeons as well as the  mental heath institue where insane were treated by musical therapy which is known to be one of the first centers to apply this. 
Full Day Exursion From Istanbul 
08.30 start from your hotel and we turn back around 18.00 to your hotel
Eski Camii which was built of cut stone and brick 1402-14 with fine white marble portal and decorative calligraphy on the interior walls and pillars, Üç Serefeli Camii, the name of the mosque derived from the three balconies on the southeast minaret. Each balcony is reached by a separate stairway. The decorative tile designs on the minarets are all different. The minarets were the most important development in the structure of the mosque in the fifteenth century are visited before finally mooving to Selimiye Mosque; Edirne's crowling glory,build for Selim II,( 1566-74)  by great architect Sinan who was the Adobe Of Felicity for 50 years.This is the masterpiece of Sinan.The symmetrical design strongly emphassised by four tall and elegant looking minarets which is one of its kind for this era undoubltly revieling his arhcitectural geneous. After lunch break Semiz Ali Oasha Arasta also the work of Sinan will be visited , in this long tunnel like shopping arcade you will be able to purchase Edirne's specialities. Meric Bridge and Kule Kapisi ( 12 C Tower Gate ) which once protected the principal gate of the citadel buid by Byzantine Emporor John Comnenus II.Last but not least Beyazit Kulliyesi, the largest complex of Edirne with its famous for its skilled surgeons and domed timarhane where insane were treated by musical therapy will be visited before heading back to Istanbul. 
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